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I believe that the process of building or remodeling should be an exciting and happy time for a family. I will attempt to use the design tools I have available to take much of the design guess work out of the equation. I feel when you get to the point of groundbreaking, you should be confident and ready for that next step.
Copyright 2013 - Architectural Concepts by Greg Cherry L.L.C.
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My name is Greg Cherry and I have been designing Central Indiana since 1974. I actually started when I was in high school and attending our local Vocational/Technical school. The Tech school had an excellent design drafting program. The opportunities that it provided were great. The design department worked with the Building Trades Dept. on projects. Myself and a fellow friend designer co-designed the 1st house that the Building Trades students constructed. I also had the privilege to do a coop as a designer with the J.O. Parrish Lumber Company working under two experienced designers.
I learned all the details of construction integrity from these individuals. The advantage to designing in a lumber company is the fact that I pay great attention to materials, I try to utilize the entire piece of the 2" x 10"- 14' as opposed to cutting off 14" that you paid for and throwing it into the burn pile.
I have been designing on a high end C.A.D. system for some time now and can offer so much more then in my previous years. This affords me the ability to give you a wide variety of design options. I have experience in the design of 1 million dollar homes all the way down to cabins. I have experience in Commercial Design but no longer practice in that discipline.
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