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The Process
Designers Philosophy
"My Intent"
I believe that the process of building or remodeling should be an exciting and happy time for a family. I will attempt to use the design tools I have available to take much of the design guess work out of the equation. I feel when you get to the point of groundbreaking, you should be confident and ready for that next step.
Copyright 2013 - Architectural Concepts by Greg Cherry L.L.C.
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As you prepare for our 1st meeting you will need to gather all pictures, notes, sketches  and any other materials  you have accumulated while exploring this idea of building. Bring them along with your own ideas to give me a general basis to start. As stated on my main page of this web site "together we can  design a home or remodel  that's right for you". This essentially means that I don't design a house for you. It is a little misleading that you hire an Architect or Designer to design a house for you. Most people have a pretty good idea what they want. I am a facilitator hired to fine tune those ideas and produce  documents to communicate to all those involved in  the building process.

After the 1st meeting I will take your ideas and desires for your project and go to the drawing board. In these initial stages I will be working to produce a rough draft for us to review and start the revision process. These preliminary plans will be fairly basic and will concentrate on house/room sizes and layout, flow patterns, and general outside looks. I will get these preliminary plans to you prior to our 2nd meeting. This will allow you time to look over the plans and proposals on your time frame and have a better idea as to what changes you would like to make. When you believe you are ready for the 1st round of changes you will contact me to schedule a time for us to meet and go over your revisions. We will repeat the revise, review and meet process 2 additional times after the preliminary changes. This will total 3 complete sets of revisions allowed in the quoted fee for the plans. Additional changes beyond this point will be billed on a per hour basis.  

Once we have revised the preliminary drawings to a point  where you say it's a go, I will go back to the drawing board to finish a complete set of working construction drawings.  


I like to keep the costs of my service simple and straight forward.

New House-  $.43 per square feet of living area. This is living area only and does not include finished basements or bonus rooms. Garages, porches, and such are included in the pricing. Example: a 2150 square foot living area residence is $924 complete from start to finish. This also includes 3D exterior pictures of the house.

Room Additions / Remodels - charges are  based on a per job quote.

3D Interior room views- charges are based on per room quote based on the complexity of the room.

At completion of the final drawings you will receive (1) Master drawing set of plans, (1) Mini drawing set of plans.  And a full electronic set of drawings in PDF format
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A little about copyrights. All materials in plan books and on the internet are copyrighted. I make great efforts to respect the expressive intellectual works of other designers. However, these materials are good for reference ideas. Much like assembling bits and pieces of a jig saw puzzle. Example: we like this kitchen, but this master bath layout, something like this great room but 3 car garage instead of a 2 car, flipped to the other end of the house. But we want it to look something like this. The design we complete must be substantially different then any one of the pieces of materials you may have referenced.